Rain, rain, rain!

Our next stop in the North Island was Taupo, where we would spend 2 nights so our bus driver could have a day off. The weather was ok-ish when we first arrived in Taupo but not quite good enough for those wanting to skydive. A few people had decided they wanted to bungy, so we headed to Taupo Bungy, which overlooks Waikato River Valley, a really beautiful stop for a bungy jump. After we watched them fall, we headed to our hostel in central Taupo. That’s when the rain started, and I don’t think it stopped till we left 2 days later! That evening we went to an Irish pub to take part in a pub quiz and then had a few drinks in the hostel bar. The following day, we were supposed to walk the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, supposedly one of the best best 1 day walks in the world, but due to the awful rain and wind, this had been cancelled. With the weather being so bad, Taupo did not really have a lot to offer. We were bored senseless all day. We watched a movie, went for a coffee, went shopping for thermals, went to the supermarket, checked our emails. And even then we still had hours of the day left! Again that night, we went for a few in the hostel bar, but with another early rise the following day we didn’t make it a very late one.


~ by mhairitravelblog on August 18, 2008.

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