River Valley

Me & Chesnut

Me & Chesnut

We set off early from Taupo to head to the middle of nowhere, River Valley. The weather had hit here too, the bus before us had not been able to get through and had to divert into Wellington. When we arrived there were fallen trees all over the roads as a result of the storm. Here we had the option of doing white water rafting in a Grade 5 river, but as the rain had upped the water levels it was unsafe for rafting. Me, Becki and George decided to go for a horse trek in the Rangitikei district, taking in beautiful scenery of the valley. My horse, Chesnut, was a lazy boy and wasn’t up for much trekking but after some encouragement from our guide he finally started to move. That evening after dinner the 2 Chris’s, Justine, Claudia, Dan & I decided to play a drinking game called ‘The Ring of Fire’. A deck of cards is laid out in a circle and each person in turn picks up a card, each card having a different meaning. We played with 2 decks of cards so the game lasted a good few hours and by bedtime we were all very merry, especially me!


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