Lake Wanaka

Lake MathesonAs we continued our journey towards Queenstown, the place where it’s all happening, we had a stopover by Lake Wanaka. The drive to Wanaka was very scenic, and we first stopped off at Lake Matheson, an absolutely breathtaking Mirror Lake. We did a short 40 minute walk to and from the Lake and I swear it was the coldest temperature I’ve ever experienced before.

After our short walk, we waited in the cafe for Matt & Paul to return from their skydiving. We watched their dvds in the bus, Paul aka Pigeon’s was hilarious as it was close up on his face, and you could see his cheeks flapping about during the freefall… mental note – don’t buy the dvd if the camera is attached to your instructor’s wrist… it’s just embarassing!
We stopped off at a couple more places of interest, including a beach where we saw dolphins swimming, and some waterfalls and mountains. Then we arrived in Wanaka and I was reunited with Becky & George after having been apart for around 10 days which was really nice.


~ by mhairitravelblog on December 13, 2008.

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